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Frustratingly I injured my knee soon after building up the frame, so today was the first proper chance to test it fully.
The event was the SCCU 100, my first 100 for 5 years.
I knew the frame was right dimensionially and lateral stiffness wise from a very windy 10 last Saturday (where the picture below was taken) but 20 odd mins is not enough of a test.

The frame flew today, being both laterally stiff and yet vertically compliant enough to leave me without saddle soreness or lower back pain after 4 and a half hours. The finishing 40 circuit miles were a mix of headwind dual carriageway and crosswind poor country road surfaces and as such were a true test.

An improvement of my standard plus PB by 7 mins and about 16th place on actual time, my best Open event placing for a few years. It seems that vindicates the choice.

Thanks you very much again.
Now I am thinking longer term about a road frame from you and I have to say I am so impressed with the deep aero down tube that I might specify that along with the diamond top tube again (but conventional road seat stays). But that is another conversation !
Yours ever

Bike detail pictures
Bike detail pictures
Bike detail pictures
Bike detail pictures
Bike detail pictures


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