Burls steel and titanium custom built bicycles

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Julian Greaves Road Titanium bike

Buying a Burls frame/bike might lead to annoying consequences

Having ridden my new custom titanium bike from Justin Burls on the routes around my hometown all the inital hopes and impressions are confirmed. It's annoying to admit that my other bikes (aluminium-alloys), one of which I have for 15 years and which I did like very much so far, now feel like BMX-stuff. Something to scrap if necessary, but not to use for normal road rides anymore (or only in hailstorms). Harsh words, I know.

What a difference! On a nice descent, where I always speed up to 60+ km/h, I thought „well, why do I only roll +/- 30 km/h?“. But the speedo showed 62 km/h. The bike just acts so stable and calm.

On my „super-stiff“ C.....-alloy I often get backpain after more than two hours. On the Burls no issues anymore.
Excellent processing of both the design/draft and the frame itself. I should have bought this titanium frame many years ago.
Executive summary: don't get a Burls titanium frame unless you are prepared to be positively amazed.
Do I sound like a brochure? Yes? Good!

If you'll ever come to Austria and notice a guy on his Burls singing happily the famous „Kate Bush-medley“ from Alan Partridge, chances are high you've found me.


Bike detail pictures
Bike detail pictures
Bike detail pictures
Bike detail pictures
Bike detail pictures


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