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titanium bmx bike

Been riding different bikes for years so around 2000-2001 I decided to have a BMX Cruiser frame n fork built for me by bmx racer Antony Revell. I wanted it made to fit some gears on the back etc but basicly 24" wheels and bmx steering. The bike was great n has done me well. Anyway for a longtime I've wanted something new n more personal-lighter n more open for component choice etc. I have looked around alot n asked quite afew different frame builders with surprisingly no luck or interest in helping me cos basicly I didnt just want mtb, tho what I wanted wasn't rocket science really n I had the main most important geometry needed which was similar to my first bike!! Luckily I found Justins website. At first brazed chromo was actually on my list but then I figured Ti wouldn't be a bad option for the price n I always dreamed about having a Ti bike so. Justin was brilliant for listening n helping the idea of the frame evolve more n more with all the important issues like geometry-tyre spacing-crank Q factor-brakes etc etc untill we had it perfect. I feel this frame idea is my own thing but I feel it's his masterpiece as much as mine cos I couldn't of done it like this without him=to me it's perfect!!!! It's really light-very fast-stiff enough around bb etc where needed-always wanted these kinda dropouts-room for choices around cranks n chainring size-wanted the aero downtube n maybe helps the speed? notsure eitherway can't say enough how much I love all of it!!!!!!!!!

My current build
  • Forks now are Supercross bmx 24s!! Did use old Pace's before=cut slightly for 24" n re-painted n with an alloy steertube I made
  • King headset
  • Proper bikes light cnc'd bmx stem
  • Fly alloy bmx type bars 5" or 5.75 height n 64cm wide
  • X-lite ends
  • Dura-ace 9speed gearlever for road bikes n I got a leverclamp to fit it like an old xt thumbshifter=cut it afew mm n put rubber thumb bit on from xt
  • Shimano Saint of a derailer=Much better than Dura-XT-DX etc. Solid n no chain rattle if ya hop of a curb or jump etc basicly. Changed L n R bolts
  • Shimano SLX 11-34=Cut down from 9sp to only 6 cogs from 11tooth cog up cos I don't feel I need all of them uphill n dishless wheels are stronger aswell
  • Hope Trials rear hub with allenbolts=Changed hope washers tho for profile hub washers cos the hope ones didn't look like they'd hold as well
  • Hutch bmx front Hub=Cleaned it up n got new bearings n changed the ti axle for cromo one cos the old ti one wasn't really wide enough annoyningly
  • Sun Rhyno rims n DT non butted spokes for strength altho they weigh more slightly
  • Tyres im using now are classic design bmx Comp 3's or I change to KHE mac2 slicks
  • Hope small seatclamp with carbon seatpost n a comfy Specialized old seat=Abit annoyed with SPD seat cos it was creaking tomuch n changed seatpost
  • Hope X2 Disc break which is fantastic n simply very adjustable=160mm rotor with ti bolts
  • Profile BB with 175mm cranks with ti axle n bolt for spider. The spider is like the old profile classic with sugino 43 ring n alloy bolts
  • Pedals are Crupi pro round bmx racing with ti axles n JP cages or I have Specialized flat bmxy type ones
  • MRP chain device was annoyn to size up at first with these profile cranks n I didn't want all the heaver pieces it came with so made my own frame holders instead n solved the problem. The top uses bits of a seatpost mudguard clamp n seaside plastic I drilled n cut etc. The bottom half is made of an old thumby gearleverclamp n discbreak connector etc=it took alot of time to work it all out n find what to use basicly but its totally solid but wouldn't damage the frame under pressure either n doesnt effect crank axle-bearings-or Q now on these cranks so im happy.

Could say tons more!!! BIG THANKS again Justin!!!! I would pick this to travel the world on but its quick around the streets n parks aswell!!! This bike rides!!!!!

titanium frame bmx crank
Bike detail pictures
Bike detail pictures
Bike detail pictures
Bike detail pictures
Bike detail pictures


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